Paula Gayatri Devillier

For me, art and creative living go hand in hand. I enjoy making paintings of what I love: people, spirituality and nature. It is a way to understand myself and make sense of the wild adventure of being alive. Art gives purpose to my life, structure to my day, and helps me connect with the people I can serve around me.

After urban art adventures and a BA from DePaul University in Chicago, I lived at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Colorado. This really helped me cancel my subscription to the tortured artist myth and become grounded and happy. At the ashram, I learned to meditate and live a life of service in community. I helped to care for the sacred art in the beautiful temples. I learned both Tibetan thangka painting and how to be a functional artist from my art mentor Faith Stone, who co-founded Shoshoni.

I believe there is creative energy in everything we do, from making a painting to making a baked sweet potato. The quality of my awareness, and yours, gathers in the things we create and permeates the space around them. Living with art that is beautiful and inspiring makes life more meaningful. I am really grateful to work with this creative process in my own life, and use it to serve my community and family.

In addition to making paintings, I teach yoga, spend time with my family and amazing partner, hike, and cook. I do not read much, LOL. I mostly do things.


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