Sacred Art in Real Life

As someone who loves art and yoga, I can get pretty whacked out. Here’s what I mean: these pursuits are so close to my heart yet very subtle, and focusing on them can leave me floating in the ether and less functional in my life.

It’s important to be practical about being spiritual. Spirituality is less about what you feel and believe. It has to do with what you do on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Morning and evening meditation practice
  • Service to family and community through actions and attitude
  • Doing your work well
  • Daily rhythm and good habits

Having sacred art in your home is an inspiration to do practice in the context of your life. When you walk by the Ganesh painting in your house or see a magnet on your fridge, take a five second break to get centered. Breathe, relax, do a little mantra, and return to your activities in a renewed state.

How do you use sacred art in your life?